Design Control

The Duda website builder is filled with design options that make it easy for you to build beautiful, modern and unique websites quickly for your customers.

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  • Gorgeous Website Templates

    Choose from a growing library of sleek, modern and natively responsive website templates. You can also design your own.

  • Developer Mode

    Access your responsive website’s HTML and CSS for increased flexibility and control.

  • Edit By Device

    Customize every element per device, for full control over how your site looks and functions on desktop, tablet and mobile.

  • Drag-and-Drop Editor

    Reduce development time with Duda’s easy-to-use and intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

  • Pre-Designed Sections

    Speed up your website design even more with beautiful pre-designed sections, composed of several widgets and organized into categories such as Intro, Team, and Plans.

  • Flexible Navigation

    Choose from various navigation styles for desktop, tablet and mobile.

  • Font Styles

    Choose from over 100 font styles that can be used throughout your site.

  • Copy & Paste

    Make site-building even faster by copying and pasting elements inside your website.

  • Backgrounds

    Create beautiful, interesting websites by adding background images or videos, and enabling parallax effects.

  • Page Duplication

    Duplicate any website page so you can use its design and layout in another area of the site.

  • Patented Content Import

    Save time by pulling content from an existing website or web page. The content will automatically be placed in the site template and saved in its Content Library.

  • Global Design

    Create a consistent website by defining site-wide settings for text, buttons, images, and backgrounds. These settings can easily be changed per page.

  • Color Overlays

    Customize images and videos on your responsive websites with color overlays. You can control both their color and opacity.

  • Text Link Customization

    Choose the font color and format that you want for your website text links.

  • Fully Responsive Framework

    Your responsive website is based on the ZURB Foundation framework.

  • Flat UI Design

    Encourage conversions on your websites with modern designs that feature a fast-loading flat user interface.

  • Favicon

    Improve your brand recognition by adding a favicon that displays on the browser tab when a website is open.

  • Rich Text Editing

    Engage site visitors by adding underlines, bold, italics, and more to text inside widgets, and by linking words or phrases to internal or external pages.

  • Shrinking Header

    Add a dynamic touch to your websites by shrinking the header and keeping it fixed at the top of the page while users scroll.

  • Customized 404 Page

    Make the most of every website visit with a customized 404 page. Edit the page as you would any other page in the platform, adding images, buttons, text, and more.

  • Center Logo Navigation

    Create perfect navigation every time with dozens of predesigned navigation and header layouts. All designs are fully responsive for all devices and screen sizes.

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